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Sep 27-Oct 1

Cars, Trucks, Trains, and Planes Week!

Take-off to a magical world of transport and travel with 20 live and interactive classes this week at Beanstalk! We will discover how wheels, wings, and tracks get us where we want to go as we explore real trains and planes, create personal travel kits, and invent our very own road-ready vehicles! Come on, let's go!


Oct 4-Oct 8

Community Helpers Week!

Join us for a week long exploration of the helpers in your neighborhood as we explore the magic of kindness and community with 20 live and interactive classes at Beanstalk! We will discover new friends who volunteer to help people near and far, create special thank yous for our everyday heroes, celebrate the helpers around us with a music and dance party!

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Learn By Doing

Kids learn best when they are actively exploring the world around them. Our hands on learning approach engages kids to look beyond the screen and explore the physical world around them.
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Always Social

Social interaction is one of the most important attributes to early childhood development. Social emotional awareness comes from real life social interactions. Children interact directly with our teachers and other kids in every class.
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A Trusted Approach

Our classes are scientifically designed to be entertaining and educational. Kids love them because they are magical like Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers, the shows they love. Parents love them because they are healthy interactive educational screen time experiences that require no extra work.
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Simple Subscription

All of our live and on demand content is available under one simple subscription starting as low as $10/month. See pricing details.

Drop-in Anytime

Drop-in to only the live classes you want throughout the week. See this week's schedule.

Easy Preparation

We provide a materials list for each class every week that uses readily available household items. See sample materials list.

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