Beanstalk Dinosaur Camp is a week full of interactive activities focused on dinosaurs! Visit a dinosaur museum, talk to a paleontologist, create dinosaur songs, and do STEM activities to learn all about the prehistoric times!

Photos from Camp

Photos From Class

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Cassidy made a stegosaurus w/ Robyn
Reyansh with his Dino footprints
Cassidy made pterodactyl foot prints
Cassidy was thrilled to see her picture was chosen for the background of Mr. David’s class
Averie and her yummy fossil cookies!
Lily’s Time at Dino Camp
Cassidy drew a pterodactyl & stegosaurus running from lava into a cave
Cassidy made pterodactyl print cookies
Olivia making fossil cookies!
Reyansh doing Dino party with Trex
Reyansh loves his Dino cookie
Reyansh making Trex drawing with the story
Reyansh in the process of making fossil cookie
Dinosaur cave drawing
REYANSH with his favorite dinosaurs
REYANSH MATHUR having fun in Dino game class
Reyansh Mathur playing Casio with the Dino song
Olivia drawing a dinosaur
Joanne & John
Ahaan is ready for the Dino Party!
Cassidy drew a caveman picture of a heart flower
Dexter, Lachlan, Olive and Wren
Averie during Dino Play with Ms. Tumblina
Averie and her spiky Dino crown!
Dino games w/ Tumbleleena
Cassidy made a dinosaur crown
Archer with his Brachiosaurus and pterodactyl
Michael loves dinosaurs 🦕
Tristan listening to a "super awesome dinosaur expert!!!"
Tristan with one of his Dinos!
Cassidy’s dinosaur eats fish & watermelons.
Roar, Dinosaur!
Ahaan is having fun and sharing his Lego Jurassic World.
Cassidy is ready for Dinosaur Camp
Dylan going on an adventure with his Metrocanthiosaurus
Justin & Madeline