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7 Dec 2021

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

3 - 6 Years

Rockin' and Readin': Rockin' and Reading: '-en' Words!

Mizz KT

Sing, dance, and even rap your way to reading. Join Mizz KT and the "-en" word family as we learn the sounds h sound (as in horse), p sound (as in panda), short e sound (as in elephant), and n sound (as in neck), the CVC blends "hen" and "pen," and the sight words "this," "is," "a," "the" and "in." We'll use music and some funny moments to eventually read the sentences "This is a hen." and "The hen is in the pen." You'll be so busy singing and dancing, that you'll forget that you're getting Kindergarten Ready and learning to read actual sentences! See you in class!

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Recognize different letters, consonant blends, and diagraphs and be able to correctly identify its phonics sound.
  2. Blend a basic and decodable word together (ex. bat, ship)
  3. Recognize and read basic sight words (the, a, in).
  4. Read two basic sentences independently.

Teacher Bio:

Mizz KT, or Miss Catherine, has been educating and entertaining young ones for over 15 years! She has toured nationally with Missoula Children's Theater, produced her own touring puppet show, and was the Supervising Producer and Primary Performer at Magic Ears, Inc, a Chinese-based ESL company. Using humor, electronic music, and puppets, Mizz KT loves to teach literacy, performing arts, and kindergarten readiness skills to little friends from all over the world!
Her favorite color is teal. Her favorite superhero is Black Widow. And her favorite food is macaroni and cheese... with extra cheese!

Materials Needed

No materials needed!