120+ Virtual Activities for Kids

In a world of low-interaction, low-quality kids tv and entertainment options, finding high-quality, educational, and fun online activities for kids is difficult! Here is our list of over 120 online activities for kids that cover a wide variety of topics and subjects. Whether your child wants to learn about science and nature, books and crafts, or something else entirely, there is sure to be multiple activities on this list that they will enjoy and you will feel great about having them participate in.

Host Summer Camp at Home

You don’t have to live near the woods, or even have nice weather, to host a summer camp from the comfort of your home! Here are a few virtual activities that will make being camp counselor a breeze: 

Make Music: Campfire Sing-a-Long

Crafting: Make Your Own Camp Flag

Snack Time: Easy, Homemade Ice Cream

Watch Wildlife: Brown Bear Cam in Katmai National Park, Alaska

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Learn All About Flying

From birds to planes, many kids are fascinated by the idea of flying. Here are some fun, virtual activities that will teach them all about aviation and taking flight:

For Animal Lovers: Learn About Animals that Fly

Crafting: Create and Design Your Own Paper Airplane

Get Moving: Pilot Physical Fitness Challenge

Interview an Expert: Live From an Airplane - Meet a Pilot  

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Be a Superhero

Whether they have a favorite superhero from TV or love to try to play superheroes in the backyard, kids love learning about superpowers and saving the day! Here are some superhero-themed activities your little one is sure to love:

Crafting: Let’s Make Our Superhero Mask

Real Life Superhero: Tour a Fire Station and Meet a Firefighter

Learning: What it Means to Be Brave

Becoming a Hero: Celebrate Your Superpower

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Learn About Nature

No matter if you live in a big city, down a country road, or somewhere in between, exploring nature is a huge part of child development and growth. Check out these fun, virtual activities created to help children learn about the outdoors and how to care for the earth:

Science Fun: Let’s Build a Compost Bin

Animals of the Earth: San Diego Zoo Kids Games and Activities

Gardening: How to Regrow Food

Learning and Crafting: Recycling vs. Trash Collage

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Be an Astronaut

Walking on the moon, wearing a spacesuit, and exploring outer space are exciting astronaut activities. Here are some online activities that will teach your child about astronauts and space while encouraging them to use their imaginations:

STEM: Operation Rocket Landing

Crafting: Let’s Make a Space Helmet

Interview an Expert: Let’s Meet a NASA Astronomer

Games and Lessons: NASA Kids’ Club

Astronaut Camp Online Activities for Kids Logo and Ms. Kelsey

Discover the Animal Kingdom

Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! Kids love animals of all shapes and sizes, so here are some fun activities that will help them explore their interests:

Online Field Trip: Live From MaxFund Animal Adoption Center - What is Pet Adoption Like?

Meet Real Animals: Interview with a Lizard and a Snake

Imagination and Movement: Wild Jungle Adventure

Live Animal Webcams: Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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Explore the Sea

From sea animals to beach-side activities, exploring the ocean is so much fun! Check out these underwater and seaside virtual adventures for kids:

Make Music: Seaside Sing-a-Long

Interview an Expert: Let’s Meet a Marine Biologist

Science: How Salty is the Sea

Live Animal Webcam: Aquarium of the Pacific - Tropical Reef

Under the Sea Online Activities for Kids Logo with Mr. David

Host a Pirate Party

After your child learns all about the sea in the previous activities, explore the pirate life with these activities focused on treasure hunting, ships, and high-sea adventures:

Imagination and Adventure: Land Ahoy!

Crafting and Learning: Ancient Treasure Map

STEM: How Much Treasure Can a Pirate Ship Carry?

Games: PBS Kids Hungry Pirates

Pirate Camp Logo Online Activities for Kids with Ms. Soleil

Discover the Dinosaur Age

Can you imagine a time where dinosaurs walk the earth? Your child will love these dino-themed online activities that will help them learn about and explore a time before our own:

Interview an Expert: Let’s Meet a Paleontologist and Ask a Paleontologist

Snack Time: Make Your Own Fossil Cookies

Music and Movement: Jurassic Jam Session

Creativity: Online Dinosaur Maker

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Explore an Imaginary Land

Kids love to pretend to be kings and queens, princes and princesses. There is something so fun about imagining a magical, far away land. Check out these activities all about imagination and fantasy: 

Adventure: Outsmart a Mythical Creature

Crafting: Create a Suit of Armor

Make Music: Let’s Write an Enchanting Song

Games and Strategy: Chess Kid

Kingdoms and Castles Online Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Kelsey

Sleuth Like a Spy

Does your child love solving puzzles and going on pretend spy missions? Here are some fun spy-themed activities that will get their brain and body moving:

Critical Thinking: Let’s Create a Spy Code

Imagination: What Makes a Spy?

Crafting: Fingerprint ID Card

Fun and Games: Scholastic I Spy Games

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Learn About Bugs and Butterflies

Whether your child loves things that are creepy crawly or beautiful and colorful, the topic of insects is often popular among young kids. Here are some bug-themed activities that will get them exploring, using their imaginations, and learning about these small creatures:

Make Music: The Itsy-Bitsy Sing-a-Long

Science and Creativity: Let’s Make a Butterfly Feeder!

Interview an Expert: Let’s Meet a Beekeeper

Fun and Games: Pest World for Kids

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Discover a World of Robots

From vacuums to medical equipment, robots exist in many areas of our lives. Thanks to this and modern children’ tv, many kids love the idea of robots. Here are a few fun robot-themed activities your robot-loving child will enjoy:

STEM: What is a Robot and Creating a Machine

Robots in Real Life: Real-Life Robotic Bodies

Story Time: A Rockin’ Robot Story

Game and Design: ABCYa Make a Robot

 Online Robot Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Soleil

Learn About the Rainbow

Is there a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow? Either way, the bright colors and seemingly magical appearance sure makes rainbows exciting to many kids. Check out these colorful activities that will strengthen both your child’s imagination and rainbow knowledge:

Make Music: Sing Me a Rainbow

Adventure: Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

STEM and Creativity: Where Do Rainbows Come From?

Color Exploration: ABCYa Shapes and Colors BINGO

Rainbow Online Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Amalia

Enjoy the Circus from Home

Big top tents and red clown noses come to mind for most people when we think of the circus. Explore these circus-themed online activities that will encourage your child to use their imagination and creativity:

Creativity and Crafting: Let’s Create Our Circus Characters

STEM: Tightrope Balancing Act!

Imagination and Storytelling: Once Upon a Circus

Fun and Games: Carnival Games

Circus Activities for Kids Online Logo with Mr. Josh

Celebrate Halloween Any Time of the Year

Does your child love to get dressed up or tell spooky stories? Here are a few not-so-scary online Halloween activities perfect for kids:

Creativity and Crafting: Halloween Costume Creation

Snack Time: Halloween Snacks with Chef Carrie Baird!

Adventure: Let’s Go On a Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt

Live Animals: Bat World Bat Cams

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Explore Your Dreams

From big dreams for the future to sweet dreams at night, dreaming is a big part of childhood. Here are a few dream-themed activities for kids that will inspire and educate:

Make Music: Lullaby Mash Up

Imagination: Inventing Our Dreams

Interview an Expert: Let’s Meet a Dream Expert

Meet a Young Dreamer: A Songbird’s Dream Comes True

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Grab a Good Book

Whether your little one loves to cuddle up on your lap to read a picture book or to curl up with a beginner’s chapter book all by themselves, reading takes kids into a magical new world. Check out these book-themed online activities for kids that will enhance their storytelling skills and teach them even more about books:

Crafting: Let’s Bind our Own Book!

Language and Writing: Writer’s Workshop

Make Music: The Great American Storybook

Story Time: Storyline Online Read Alouds

Book Online Activities for Kids Logo and Ms. Soleil

Learn about Cars, Trucks, Trains, and Planes

Many kids love to see big trucks, ride in planes, and get trains to blow their whistles. Here are a few transportation-themed online activities that your child will enjoy:

Online Field Trip: Let’s Drive a Dump Truck and Let’s Fly a Plane

Building and Creativity: Running Rampant

Make Music: Rock n’ Roads

Fun and Games: PBS Kids Race Car Game

Cars, Trucks, Planes, and Trains Online Activities for Kids Logo and Ms. Amalia

Discover What it Means to Be Thankful

Learning about gratitude and thankfulness is an important part of childhood. Explore these online activities that will teach your child about gratitude while also exploring their creativity:

Creativity: Giving Thanks Notes

History: The Heritage of Thanksgiving

Fun and Games: Cornucopia Catcher

Crafting: Let’s Make a Leaf Wreath

Thanksgiving Online Activities for Kids Logo and Mr. Josh

Explore the Globe

Learning about other cultures and how people live all around the world are valuable lessons for children. Here are some great online activities that will leave your child with a global perspective:

Culture: Let’s Go to Morocco and A Trip to Turkey

Language: Hebrew Letters and Animals

Crafting: My First Passport

Imagination: Interactive Travel Journal and Resource from Scholastic

Around the World Online Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Kelsey

Learn About Pets

Whether your child has a bunny, dog, or a pet rock, pets are an exciting and important part of childhood. Here are some pet-themed online activities that will teach your child about responsibility and caring for pets:

Real Pets: Pet of Prey: Hanging with a Falcon and Puppy Training with Ziva

Interview an Expert: Let’s Meet a Veterinarian

STEM: Pet Toy Inventing 

Crafting: Pet Rock!

Pet Week Online Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Soleil

Put on a Show

Many kids love to sing, dance, and perform for their families. Check out these online, performance-themed activities that will keep your child entertained for hours:

Make Music: Showstopper Songs

Story Time: Let’s Put on a Show

Creativity: Playing Dress Up

Showtime: Beanstalk Presents: Jack and the Beanstalk

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Take a Look into the Future

Kids have big dreams about their futures, and, as their grownups, it’s our job to help them think big and learn about what the future can look like. Here are a few future-focused online activities for kids that will help teach them about creating a better future:

STEM: Buildings of the Future

Creativity: Time Capsule!

Science and Crafting: Creating Our Future World

Imagination: Kids Work Interactive Job Exploration 

Forward to the Future Online Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Amalia

Explore Outer Space

Do aliens exist? Do people live on Mars? Can I be an astronaut one day? The questions kids ask about space can leave our heads spinning. Here are a few space-themed activities that will help your child learn about and explore space in fun ways:

Making Music: Interstellar Music

Online Field Trip: Let’s Go to the Space Museum

Crafting and Imagination: Let’s Make Up a New Planet

Games and Lessons: NASA STEM @ Home Activities

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Invent Something

Whether they build with Legos or take all of their toys apart to see what’s inside, many kids love to create and invent. Check out these online activities that will teach them all about the invention process:

Get Moving: Movement Machines

Creativity: Let’s Invent a Toy Together

STEM: The Science of Dessert

Invent Something: Little Inventors Mini Challenges and Resources

Invention Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Kelsey

Discover the Safari

Not many people have the opportunity to experience a real African safari. Here are a few safari-themed activities that will give your child the opportunity to learn about magnificent animals and how to keep them safe:

Language and Poetry: Word Heard: Animal

Science: Safari Weather

Online Field Trip: A Very Special Carousel

Live Animals: Explore African Wildlife Live Cam

Safari Online Activities for Kids Logo with Mr. Uche

Learn What it Means to Be a Hero

We learned about superheroes earlier in this article, but what about every-day heroes? Here are a few activities that will teach your child about how to identify heroes in their everyday life and how to be one themselves:

Creativity and Crafting: Heroic Helpers

Storytelling and Imagination: Let’s Make a Hero Story

Making Music: My Musical Heroes

Imagination: Heroes Save the Day

Hero Online Activities for Kids Logo with Ms. Soleil

Show Your Love

Kids are constantly learning important life lessons such as having generosity, showing respect, and sharing love. Check out these online activities that will help teach your child about love through creativity and imagination:

Online Field Trip: A Mural Made with Love

Science and Movement: Let’s Make Our Hearts Race

Language and Poetry: Word Heard: Love

Crafting: Love Letters From the Heart

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Live and Interactive Activities

If your child loves the activities on this list, enjoys actively participating in activities, and wants to interact with Beanstalk’s live cast members and other kids from around the world, be sure to try out Beanstalk’s live, interactive activities. Described as “an interactive Sesame Street” by a Beanstalk parent, our activities are specially designed to encourage kids ages 3-6 to be kind, develop creative confidence, and use their imaginations.