July 20-24, 10:00-11:30 MDT

10:00-10:30 MDT
Welcome! Let's Learn Where Our Trash Goes!
10:30-11:00 MDT
Let's Build a Compost Bin
11:00-11:30 MDT
Making Paper Packaging
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Let’s Make a Clean Machine
10:30-11:00 MDT
How to Regrow Food
11:00-11:30 MDT
Eco-song Session
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Live From the Farm - Let's Meet a Farmer
10:30-11:00 MDT
How the Water Cycle Works
11:00-11:30 MDT
Let's Make a Wind-Powered Pinwheel
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
The Great Trash Battle
10:30-11:00 MDT
Recycling vs. Trash
11:00-11:30 MDT
Grow Yoga
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Planting Seeds & Growing Produce
10:30-11:00 MDT
Little Builder Box: Trash to Treasure
11:00-11:30 MDT
Goodbye, Campers! What Did We Learn This Week?
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July 20-24, 10:00-11:30 MDT

Beanstalk Eco Camp is a week full of interactive activities focused on protecting our planet! Learn about recycling, plant a garden, and visit with a farmer to learn about sustainability.

Over 15 Different Activities!

We've packed the week with a ton of fun and educational activities. Join whatever classes you'd like.

Get Outside!

We’ll end each morning with an "Adventure Challenge" to do on your own and get you outside for the second half of the day.

Special Prizes

We'll be giving out special prizes to campers who attend all classes or complete a special challenge.


Beanstalk will donate $1 to Ekar Farm for every camper that participates during the week. Ekar Farm grows sustainably produced fruits and vegetables so that all who are hungry can come and eat.

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Finishing touches on the castle
Cassidy built a recyclable castle
Cassidy’s is ready to plant some seeds
Sophia and Olivia
Sophia and Olivia
Averie practicing Grow Yoga!
Cassidy’s tree pose
Cassidy’s Recycle vs. Trash collage
Averie and her recyclable collage
Averie is ready to battle the trash monster!
Cassidy’s scouting out cleanville w/ Mr. Josh
Sophia looking for bugs
Sophia & Olivia’s pinwheel spinning
Olivia’s pinwheel
Matilda builds an "Eco House" for Minnie from recycled sticks!
Frankie finds a mushroom! No touching!!
Averie testing out her new pinwheel!!
Cassidy loves her pin wheel she made w/ Ms. Soleil
Cassidy is making a pin wheel
Loving the sing-a-long with Mr Dave!
Averie and her clean machine
Averie is excited to regrow apples!
Averie and her clean machine!
Dylan's Seeds
Dylan's Trash Pickup
Dylan's Clean Machine
Jez activity for the day
Laurie and Caleb take it outside!
Laurie and Caleb touring our urban ecosystem!
Laurie and Caleb on an Eco-Bike Ride
Look at this cool bug Chris found!
Chris on his Eco-Adventure
Chris and his new compost bin!
Cassidy is regrowing her cherry tomatoes
Yesterday Maya added a string to her paper snack pouch so she can wear around her waist.
Maya and her brother enjoying nature this morning at one of their favorite places - the lagoon in Rio.
Cassidy making a paper package for her snacks w/ Ms. Soleil
Cassidy is building a compost bin w/ Ms. Amalia
Cassidy is learning where the trash goes
Averie and her paper package!
Hannah and Toby exploring trash and composting.
Cassidy is ready to make a compost bin with Ms. Amalia
Averie creating a mini landfill