July 27-31, 10:00-11:30 MDT

10:00-10:30 MDT
Welcome, Wizards! Let's Learn Magic!
10:30-11:00 MDT
Magical Movement
11:00-11:30 MDT
Wizardy Fizzy-ade
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Wizard's Chorus
10:30-11:00 MDT
Make Your Wizard House Flag
11:00-11:30 MDT
Moldable Milk
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Bubble Trouble with Potions
10:30-11:00 MDT
Magical Wand Making
11:00-11:30 MDT
Wizard's Chest Adventure, Part 1
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Spellbinding Sing-a-Long
10:30-11:00 MDT
Wizard's Chest Adventure, Part 2
11:00-11:30 MDT
Wizard Play - Tumbling and Tricks!
Rest of the Day
Adventure Challenge!
10:00-10:30 MDT
Let's Practice Magic!
10:30-11:00 MDT
Wizard's Chest Adventure, Part 3
11:00-11:30 MDT
Goodbye, Wizards! What Will We Do With Our Magical Powers?
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July 27-31, 10:00-11:30 MDT

Beanstalk Wizard Camp is a week full of interactive activities focused on being a wizard! Create your own wand, do a STEM class to make potions, go on a wizarding adventure, and earn your Beanstalk Wizard Diploma.

Over 15 Different Activities!

We've packed the week with a ton of fun and educational activities. Join whatever classes you'd like.

Get Outside!

We’ll end each morning with an "Adventure Challenge" to do on your own and get you outside for the second half of the day.

Special Prizes

We'll be giving out special prizes to wizards who attend all classes or complete a special challenge.


Each wizard will get a Beanstalk Wizard Camp diploma at the end of the week that states that they are a certified wizard!

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Cassidy loves watching Magician Chad
Matilda and Frankie spotted an owl guarding their garden on the adventure challenge!
Sophia&Olivia’s moldable milk!
Olivia creating her magical potion
Sophia&Olivia’s potions & wands
Waving our house flags
Warming up our vocal chords with Mr. David
More Whitney potions
Wizard Whitney making her potions.
Wizard Whitney
Cassidy is upside down with Tumbleleena
Cassidy is all smiles for Mr. David’s class
Liam and his wand
Zara mixing her invisible potion
Nolan with his bubbling glitter filled potion
Averie is mixing pink into her milk mold
Casting spells with her new wand!
Averie and her magical gummy worms potion!
Averie and her wizard house flag!
Shanaya’s magic wand
Cassidy made a potion & a magic wand.
Cassidy is casting a spell w/ her potion & wand.
Cassidy was so thrilled to make her magic potion
Zara and Nolan with the molds they made
Olivia adding colors to our moldable milk
Sophia & Olivia waving our flags & ready to make milk mold.
Sophia & Olivia loves our fizzy drink.
Sophia & Olivia getting ready to make fizzy lemonade
Whitney creates her flag.
Whitney's heart!
Whitney molds milk into a heart.
Shanaya’s flag
Making moldable milk w/ Ms. Soleil
Playing the trumpet with Mr. David
Cassidy & her flag
Making a flag w/ Ms. Amalia
Frankie and Elliott
Maya doing the floating pencil magic trick
Cassidy found some grass, clovers, berries & wood chips for her potion
Mesmerizing magician for Whitney.
Whitney creates her magic potion.
Whitney doing her best wizard move.
Averie makes a fizzy lemonade!
Averie doing a magic card trick
Cassidy says “Whoaaaaaaa the bubbles”
Let’s make Wizardy Fizzy-ade
Cassidy is a Wizardy Witch
Cassidy is so excited for Wizard Camp