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Photos From Class

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Cassidy made a dog, cat, pig & spider puppet
Cassidy is so excited to make animal puppets
Ani and Gaia in costume for camp, they did many costume changes!
Ani and Gaia in costume for camp!
Gaia is a lion!
Ani in her animal costume!
JJ, Joanne & Megan
Megan, Joanne & JJ
Averie fascinated by lizards!!
Cassidy clearly wants a lizard too
Cassidy’s Wild Jungle Adventure w/ Mr. Josh
Averie on a jungle safari tour!
Yoga with Ms Amy
Charlotte and Amelia watching the Humane Society
Amelia and her boat!
Strumming along with Mr David!
Dylan's Boat
Cassidy’s drawing of her jungle boat
Let’s build our jungle boat -Cassidy
Say hello to Llamaverie!

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