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Astronaut Camp

Let's Make a Space Helmet!

Kelsey Shields

Come create a unique space helmet that you can wear on all of your astronaut adventures!

Materials Needed

Big box or paper bag

Child-safe scissors

Construction Paper

Glue or tape

Coloring supplies

Aluminum foil

Decorations (stickers, glitter, pipe cleaners)

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Photos From Class

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Ryan's helmet :-)
Charlotte, with her space helmet!
Amelia, wearing her space helmet
Chris’s space helmet
Chris’s space helmet
Olivia’s helmet
Sophia’s helmet
Austin's Space Helmet
Nolan and Zara astronaut helmets
Astronaut Averie is ready for space in her new helmet
Whitney makes her astronaut helmet with all the bells and whistles.
Astronaut Whitney ready for blast off!
Cassidy’s astronaut helmet