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(BETA) Farm Animals Live Class

Ages: 1.5 - 6 years old

Instructor: Rachel Adler

Duration: 30min


1. Black and Pink Construction paper (or two different colors)
2. Kid friendly Scissors
3. Paper plate (white is best)
4. Glue stick 
5. Cornstarch (you can use flour, coffee grinds, dirt, or anything else you can think of for pretend dirt)
6. Cocoa Powder or hot chocolate to color your dirt if you are using cornstarch, four, etc.
7. Measuring cups and spoons
8. 2 mixing bowls
9. Liquid soap
10. Plastic toy figures to get dirty and then clean 
11. Dish towel


1. Story Time
2. Move like a Farm Animal - Kids will need a little space to move around on the floor
3. Cow Mask Making - We will be cutting ears for our cow and coloring their faces
4. Wishy Washy Sensory Project - Kids will use washable plastic figures and get them dirty with a past we will make and then clean them off in soapy water

Materials Needed