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Beekeeper Averie excited about seeing honey bees!
Reyansh having fun watching the 🐝 with Beekeeper
Averie makes a butterfly kite
Averie's symmetrical butterfly
Averie learns about symmetry!
🥁 Drumming with Bug song
Reyansh super excited for Mr David’s Bug music 🎶
Reyansh having fun with the amazing Fly Insect
Reyansh’s flapping his Butterfly 🦋 wings
Reyansh’s Bug 🐜 stick is ready
Averie makes her bugs on rice cake snack
Ready to make some Bug Music 🎶
Cute Lade Bug & Butterly is ready 🦋
Averie proudly wears her bug antennas and butterfly wings!
Averie sculpts a butterfly
Ahaan, with his butterfly wings and antenna hat.
Reyansh’s pretty butterfly 🦋
Reyansh’s Bug 🐛 crown with antennae is ready!
My favorite Bug Book 📖- Reyansh
Reyansh with his Grasshopper friend

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