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Circus Week

Showtime at the Circus!


Circus Week

Tightrope Balancing Act!

Photos From Class

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Fun tightrope class- balancing my elephant 🐘
Reyansh learning to balance with Ms Soleil
My circus tent!!
Cotton Candy!
Sophia & Olivia love to clowning around.
Sophia’s clown makeup
Olivia’s clown makeup
Olivia’s Clowns
Sophia’s circus
Sophia coloring her circus
More fun carnival 🎡 games under progress with Miss Kelsey
Shoot the 🎈 carnival game is on 🤡
Yummy cotton candy 🍭
Reyansh loved the cotton candy 🍭 class- thanks Miss Amalia 😊
Reyansh having fun jamming with Mr David & his rhythm sticks
Reyansh’s fun straw circus tent 🎪 is ready 😊
My TOM-the fun clown 🤡 is ready
Grace and Brynne making a clown!
Reyansh’s cool clown 🤡 craft
Let's Create Our Circus Characters!