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Flight Academy

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Ella, Claire and Murphy fly away!
Ms. Faith and Whitney are doing their jumps.
Whitney is jamming the tambourine with David.
Whitney was very interested in Jack's answer to her question about sky diving.
Shanaya’s fitness challenge
Cassidy training for her pilot’s license
Cassidy’s physical fitness Challenge
Shanaya singing happy song
Cassidy flying with Mr. David
Cassidy’s Map Adventure Challenge
Shanaya made a paper airplane
Whitney's airplane art in progress.
Whitney's plane will really show up in flight!
Averie's paper airplane! She says she can't wait to fly it outdoors!
Making her paper airplane
Cassidy decorates her plane w/ Ms. Kelsey
Cassidy’s ready to create a plane
Cassidy’s Runway
Air Control - Red Light, Green Light
Paper parachute
Flight Academy
Singing about flying with Mr. Dave
Flight Academy
Natalie testing her 2 parachutes (paper and plastic). Plastic heart with Buzz Lightyear won!
Natalie created a gear parachute for buzz and a rectangular one for lady
Natalie creating her parachute
Caleb & Laurie testing their parachutes
Shanaya loved creating parachute
Cassidy’s pilot’s log
Whitney helps David write a song about flying.
Parachute ready, says Whitney.
Cassidy’s parachute
Cassidy’s ready to make a parachute
Cassidy’s Scavenger Hunt
Cassidy is jammin w/ Mr. David
Do ornamental yard ducks qualify, ponders Whitney.
Flight Academy
Posing with her cardboard arms like an airplane wing!
Can't wait to fly her twirly bird!
Flutter your legs like a butterfly!
Averie is hopping on one foot like a flamingo
Averie's excited to start flight academy!
Whitney gets ready, set, go!
Whitney creates a whirl bird!
Whitney moving!
Whitney stretches!
Whitney is ready, set, go!
Whitney creates her whirlybird!
Shanaya enjoyed creating a twirly bird
Cassidy flapping away with Ms. Faith
Cassidy flying to purple land with Ms. Faith
Caleb and his twirly bird
Laurie and hir twirly bird
Toby’s whirly bird says “cool”.
Cassidy’s bird
Ready for the Twirly Bird class
Shanaya is trying to fly
Cassidy & her wings
Cassidy drew things that fly. ( Airplane, helicopter, bird & a bee)
Cassidy coloring her badge

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