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Flight Academy

Twirly Birds - Ages 3-6

Kelsey Shields

Come create two twirly birds and let's go on a flying adventure together as we learn the science of how birds fly!

Materials Needed

Orange construction paper


Colorful feathers

2-3 balloons

Packing tape

Coloring supplies

Child-safe scissors

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Photos From Class

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Can't wait to fly her twirly bird!
Whitney gets ready, set, go!
Whitney creates a whirl bird!
Whitney moving!
Whitney is ready, set, go!
Whitney creates her whirlybird!
Shanaya enjoyed creating a twirly bird
Caleb and his twirly bird
Laurie and hir twirly bird
Toby’s whirly bird says “cool”.
Cassidy’s bird
Ready for the Twirly Bird class