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Circus Week

Let's Create Our Circus Characters!

Amalia Adiv

There are so many characters to meet at the circus! Come create your very own clown character to join our circus adventures this week!

Materials Needed

Paper plate



Water dish

Paper towel

Popsicle stick

Liquid glue

Decorations (googly eyes, cotton balls, pom poms, pipe cleaners, yarn)

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Circus Week

Showtime at the Circus!


Circus Week

Tightrope Balancing Act!

Photos From Class

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Sophia & Olivia love to clowning around.
Sophia’s clown makeup
Olivia’s clown makeup
Olivia’s Clowns
My TOM-the fun clown 🤡 is ready
Grace and Brynne making a clown!
Let's Create Our Circus Characters!