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Cassidy & Averie are friendly pirates
Lily's pirate ship adventure!
Jasmine T.
Jasmine T.
Archer in his pirate ship
Archer with his telescope
Aurora on her couch ship, the USS Cheshire cat, peering into the distance with her telescope!
Sophia&Olivia on this ship to find treasures.
Pirate Ahaan is in his boat, looking for treasure.
Cassidy drew then built her pirate ship
Cassidy made a telescope to see onboard her pirate ship
Pirate Averie testing out her telescope!
Averie setting sail in her pirate ship! Rrr
Making a telescope for the pirate adventure
Olivia burying treasures.
Averie during Pirate Play!
For today’s Show & Tell class, Ahaan wants to show his Lego Star Wars spaceship, that he built with his dad.
Cassidy is sharing her treasure, a Bruno night light that keeps her safe at night.
This is Averie's treasure item. It belonged to her dad since he was a baby and he gave it to her
Sophia’s map
Tristan's Pirate Map
Sophia’s shiny coins
Pirates Sophia & Olivia found treasures!
Ari's treasure map that lead him to treasure in the sand pit!
Whitney finished her treasure map!
Whitney the map maker
Pirate Whitney
Averie and her ancient treasure map
Pirate Averie and her treasure chest!
Averie's experiment with old coins
Ahaan in his Pirate costume.
Ahaan with his treasure chest.
Ahaan with his treasure map.
Ahaan is separating the shiny pennies from the rusty ones.
Ahaan in his Pirate costume.
Cassidy made an ancient treasure map
Cassidy made a treasure chest
Cassidy turned pennies into treasure

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