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8/24/2020 · 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM MDT

Welcome, Pirates! Let's Turn Pennies Into Treasure!

Soleil Kohl

This class is part of Beanstalk's Pirate Camp - an awesome week filled with crafts, music, movement, and adventure! Signing up for this class will automatically register you for all camp classes, but you can attend just the classes you want.

Pennies can dull with time but a pirate's coins always sparkle! Come learn how to make ordinary pennies into bright, shiny treasures with arr'great science experiment!

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Materials Needed

10 pennies


White vinegar

Dish or bowl


Paper towel

Bowl of water

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Photos From Class

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Sophia’s shiny coins
Pirate Whitney
Averie's experiment with old coins
Ahaan is separating the shiny pennies from the rusty ones.
Cassidy turned pennies into treasure