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AGE 3 - 12 Years

Sing and Play-a-Long!

Dawn Livingston

Time to Party! Let's have fun playing games and learning music and dances from all over the world!

Learning Objectives:

These classes promote exercise, rhythmic and tonal abilities, cultural awareness, and of course they'll be exposed to the world of music and dance.

Teacher Bio:

Dawn has performed and taught in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, and Costa Rica. She specializes in various cultural dances and hiphop, and loves song writing, playing drums, guitar, and composing music. Performances include for various commercials, films, award shows, music videos, music festivals, Carnaval, and more. She thoroughly enjoys sharing the joy of music and dance with others.


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Materials Needed

Household objects that can double as an instrument (child-safe cup with a spoon, sticks to hit a pan or box, a set of keys)