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AGE 3-6 Years

STEM Challenge #2: Spooky Movers

Soleil Kohl

Come for a live show-and-tell of your Spooky Movers STEM Challenge!

Do you want to make a special Halloween character? Or build something that can pop up and say “Boo!”? Here’s the challenge, though: Whatever you make has to move! You can add strings to pull, moving parts, or even add something onto a toy that already moves. To get started, think about...

  1. What makes something spooky? And what does it mean to move?
  2. Think about how your creation will look, sound, and move.
  3. Make your spooky creation! How can you create it? Who can help you create it?
  4. Test it out and make it better. Does it work how you want it to? How might you change it to make it even better?

You can work on your challenge all week, and meet me on Saturday for a live show-and-tell at Beanstalk. I can’t wait to see what you invent!

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Materials Needed

Use your creativity!