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STEM Challenge #4: Cozy Creation

Soleil Kohl

Come for a live show-and-tell of your Cozy Creation STEM Challenge!

It’s fall, and it’s starting to get cold outside! I’ve always wished I had something that could keep me warm that was better than just a blanket--better than warm, cozy! Let’s create something to keep us cozy when it’s chilly outside. To get started, think about. . .

  1. When do you feel the coziest? What does it mean to be warm and cozy?
  2. Think about what your creation might look like--is it a drawing? A dance? A machine?
  3. Make your cozy creation! How can you create it? What tools do you need? Who can help you create it?
  4. Test it out and make it better. Does it work how you want it to? How might you change it to make it better? 

You can work on your challenge all week, and meet me on Saturday for a live show-and-tell at Beanstalk. I can’t wait to see what you invent!

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Materials Needed

Use your creativity!