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STEM Challenge

STEM Challenge #1: Amazing Mazes!

Soleil Kohl

Come for a live show-and-tell of your Amazing Mazes STEM Challenge!

Your challenge this week is to make a maze! It could be for a marble, for a stuffy, or for you.

Explore with your grownup what different mazes might look like, then you can build your own out of anything you can think of!

To get started, let's think about— 

  1. What is a maze? Find examples online for inspiration.
  2. Think about your maze. What will it look like? How big will it be?
  3. Make your maze! How can you build it? Who can help you build it?
  4. Experiment and make it better. Does your maze work how you want it to? How might you change it to make it even better?

Upload your photos to this page below.

Upload your videos  here: here:

Materials Needed

Use your creativity!