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(this is a dummy product, to hold photos for superhero camp)

Photos From Class

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Cassidy’s superhero pose
Sophia & Olivia dressing up like firefighters
JJ & Megan
Cassidy’s working on her superhero landing with Ms. Faith
Cassidy’s ready for camp today
Maya's comic book story
Averie drawing her comic book strip!
Averie got her balloon to stick on the wall!
Cassidy’s signal is a ❤️
Cassidy’s ready for the obstacle course
Cassidy finished her mask
Cassidy’s Comic Book part 1
Cassidy’s ready for camp
Averie using her super powers to fly!
Super Averie in disguise!
Sophia & Olivia’s Superhero Signal
Sophia & Olivia making masks
Sophia flying
Sophia, Superhero Love
Averie shining her hero signal!
The plastic is stuck on the balloon
Cassidy rubbing her balloon
Super girl Whitney!

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