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Builder Box

AGE 3 - 6 Years

Testing Our Tractors

Soleil Kohl

Every farm needs a good tractor or truck! Let's invent our own tough vehicles that can move heavy loads as we discover the science of push, pull, and tow, in farm machinery!

Teacher Bio:

Soleil has worked with children of all ages in a variety of subjects, but loves STEAM for its ability to craft investigations of the world around us. Soleil believes that these questions should make us more curious rather than less, and always encourages children to keep exploring. Her mission is to foster thoughtful, creative minds that are ready to challenge the objects and happenings in our world, and does this at Beanstalk through collaborative inventions, investigations, and experiments.

She holds a Master's degree in Learning, Developmental, & Family Sciences with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education, as well as a teaching license for birth-6th grade.

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Materials Needed


Coloring supplies


Your very own Builder Box (clean recyclables, blocks, legos, magna-tiles, cardboard, construction paper, tape, straws, pipe cleaners, clothespins)