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Cassidy is making a jellyfish in a bottle
Megan, JJ and Joanne
Joanne & John
As a mermaid, Cassidy grows Sea cucumbers & green beans In her water garden
Averie going into an underwater cave
Scuba diver Averie
Let’s go to Mermaid Island
Averie makes her trip to mermaid island
Whitney designs a boat with Mr Josh
Artist Whitney at work.
Sand art from Whitney
Averie’s beach artwork with glue and paint!
Averie’s says she’s fishing at the beach with Ms. Amalia
Cassidy found a pot of honey & a microwave while deep sea diving.
Carmella making her Explore the Beach craft
Cassidy’s ready to explore the beach
Sophia & Olivia dancing with Ms. Faith
Sophia & Olivia singing with Mr. David.
Averie swims like a fish with Ms. Faith
Averie swims like a mermaid with Ms. Faith!
Averie checks for bone and cartilage during Shark Exploration!
Averie is swimming like a fish with Mr David
Averie's 2 thumbs and 1 foot ready for Ms. Faith!
Austin's Adventure Challenge Sea
Cassidy swimming like a mermaid w/ Ms. Faith
Cassidy is swimming like a shark w/ Mr. David
Cassidy is at Jamaica Pond in Boston for the adventure challenge
Sophia painting seascape
Olivia painting seascape
Olivia’s ocean jar
Whitney's seascape
Averie found a goose feather at the pond during her adventure challenge
Averie got her 4th egg to float in salt water!
Averie loves her mini ocean!
Averie's oceanscape picture!
Sting ray and turtle
Cassidy is at Jamaica Pond in Boston for the adventure challenge
Whitney works hard on her seascape.
Whitney admiring her salty egg experiment.
Welcome, Campers! Let's Make Our Own Ocean!
Cassidy drawing a seascape w/ Ms. Kelsey
Cassidy testing how salty the sea water is
Cassidy made her own Ocean
Cassidy is ready for Under the Sea Camp

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