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Love Letters

  • The live interaction with the hosts boosts his confidence and gives him an opportunity to speak his mind. He feels connected to all his Beanstalk friends. It’s like the kids have their own fun community where they can enjoy the learning experience. Thank you Beanstalk for giving us this healthy screen time!

    Charu M. Mom
  • Beanstalk is honestly a lifesaver. My daughter knows all her teachers by name and looks forward to talking and interacting with them on a daily basis! It’s fantastic and I can honestly say it is guilt free screen time at its finest.

    Shelby W. Mom
  • Fun, creative, silly, educational, great fine motor skills practice, and the kind, empowering, social emotional interaction is out of this world!

    Jo T. Mom
  • My girls feel that Beanstalk is part of their school experience. They believe their teachers are their real teachers and their friends are people they will see at school so they really treat it as if it’s another class.

    Totran R. Mom

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Beanstalk is the premiere digital platform for TV 3.0; a transformative model for preschool learning, merging best practices in preschool education, virtual learning, and screen time.

We offer the best LIVE interactive edutainment for kids ages 3-6, covering a wide range of subjects and interests including STEM, music, movement, art, imagination play, and more. Kids have a fun while they learn, connect, and share.

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