Why Beanstalk

Beanstalk is fueled by a passionate, forward-thinking team of accomplished experts across tech, education, early childhood development, and entertainment who are deeply committed to making a positive impact on children during this crucial stage in their development.

Our Approach

All Beanstalk shows are rooted in pedagogy that is proven to be most effective and enjoyable for preschoolers in both in-person and media-based virtual learning environments.

Play Based Learning

All shows aim to delight and entertain. We do this through the use of developmentally appropriate humor, silliness, warmth, and joyful play. While fun and natural for preschoolers, play and humor are necessary to help them learn and grow both critical cognitive and emotional skills.

Active Learning

Also known as “learning by doing,” every live episode infuses active learning throughout, with hands-on, personalized activities, the use of props or other items, and by asking thoughtful prompts and questions, creating a virtual learning experience that genuinely resembles in-person learning. Children’s participation and experiences are crucial; their ideas, answers, and actions are necessary to move an episode forward. They will also be physically active—moving, dancing, singing, and talking—as research has shown that when language is combined with movement, learning increases 90%.

Consistency and Structure

Consistency and predictability are critical for growing children’s social and emotional skills. These elements help preschoolers feel safe, secure, and comfortable, allowing them to deeply engage in their learning and build feelings of belonging and self-confidence.

Beanstalk content follows a predictable format rooted in common preschool schedules. Not only does this set them up for optimally learning with Beanstalk, it also promotes school readiness for Buds not yet in school, and aligns with routines familiar to Buds already in school, helping both groups thrive and learn.


  • Growing Beans’ Minds: Curricular and Cognitive Skills

    Social Studies
    The Arts

  • Growing Beans’ Hearts: Social Emotional Skills


  • Growing Beans’ World: Cultural Awareness


  • Growing Beans’ Bodies: Physical Education and Wellness

    Gross motor skills
    Fine motor skills
    Healthy habits

Our Team

  • Amy Molk Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    As an entrepreneur and media executive with more than a decade of experience leading dynamic and creative teams, Amy began her career in entertainment, at Creative Artists Agency in television development. Her interest in women’s programming took her to Lifetime Network where she worked in original movies. Becoming a mother changed everything for Amy. On a mission to create a healthy screen time option for kids, Amy launched Beanstalk, the first live interactive children’s television network.

  • Abby Pecoriello Chief Creative Officer

    With deep experience creating and producing kids’ content, Abby was a founder and head of creative at GoNoodle, the leading movement and mindfulness platform, where she conceived and created over 400 videos, played over a billion times by elementary school students across the country. She spent 12 years at Nickelodeon, first as a producer, then moving to Noggin to oversee new series production and ongoing marketing and brand development, and then as the VP of Parents and Preschool Digital.

  • Lauren Condell Director, Content

    With experience in product development and brand management, Lauren helps bring Beanstalk’s content to life. She has been supporting Amy with her vision from day one and wears many different hats. From discovering emerging talent to developing content to helping customers daily, Lauren’s passion and hustle drives the magic behind Beanstalk everyday.